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How safe are your handheld devices from any kind of cybersecurity threat?

The entire playground for cybersecurity keeps on constantly changing as hackers pave through various ways to make themselves a part of our digital life. However, on the other hand researchers often find loopholes using previous cybersecurity attacks and try and find ways to make our lives safer from the ever-increased chance of us being hacked.

A 2017 African cyber security report indicated that cyber based crime carried out handheld devices costs the country south of $140 million every year.

Mobile ransomwares and botnets are the most common methods hackers either use individually or combine to gain access to your mobile phones. Additionally, malicious apps, suspicious looking websites and tap and pay services can also endanger your cyber presence.

To better protect yourself from cyber-attacks it is recommended to at least employ one of the following methods,

  • Installing some security software on your device
  • Creating stronger passwords
  • Keeping your software completely up to date
  • Checking your bank statements and mobile chargers to see if they comply

Additional methods that a user can employ is to avoid connection your device to unknown networks or clicking on emails or texts from unknown users. Another method which is recommended to users is not to store any kind of personal info in your device if your device is constantly available for other to use.

Mobile phones are not the only devices that are privy to such attacks as basically any devices that are connected to the internet is up for the taking if not given enough reliable precaution. In an all-digital world where we our entire lives is up for the viewing of strangers, it is advised to gear up with the basic armour of protecting ourselves if we want to keep our identity with us.

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