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Italians Decided to Use Bitcoin in E-Business to Gear Up for Amazing Deals on Cyber Monday and Black Friday

As the nations around the world have opened the doors for e-commerce, it is changing the use of Bitcoin in various business sectors.

According to the report published, Italy is accepting the use of Bitcoin as an ideal way of payment for online buys.

As per the SEMRush, in Italy Bitcoin is known as the biosphere’s major cryptocurrency and is the 3rd most popular technique for online payments, after Italian prepaid cash card and PayPal. The statistics are based on the survey done between Oct 2018 and Sept 2019.

Bitcoin was used around 215,800 times per month, whereas, PayPal was used around 1,383,000 times per month as per the data provided by “La Stampa”. The sum of e-payments using Bitcoin reached around 368,000 times in June.

As per the data published by, Italy has accepted online shopping trends that are common in the U.S. E-commerce is at the boom as customers are taking interest in buying everything from home appliances to pizza to luxury goods online.

However, various portals in Italy are preparing themselves for Black Friday on 29th November, including Ryanair, ePRICE, Zara, Unieuro, and Zalando. ePRICE is organizing to provide 50% discounts to shoppers on several electronic products including huge concessions on products from crypto-friendly producers Huawei and Samsung. As per the report published by experts states that Amazon will take lead for the “pre-Black Friday” shopping festival on 25th November. Thus, it seems that Italians are accepting modern ways of investment using Bitcoin.

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